All That Glitters is Not God

June 8, 2014 Speaker: Carlos Montoya Series: Exodus

Overview of Exodus 32:1-6

In the beginning of this chapter Moses is finishing up meeting with God on Mt. Sinai while the Hebrew people wait at the base of the mountain for 40 days. They have made a covenant with God and have become his people but now are becoming restless and impatient. They ask Aaron for a new god to worship. The big idea here is that our idols live in our hearts before they are made visible with our hands. This is shown by how we live out our lives. What our hearts loves is what our will chooses and what our minds will justify. Sometimes we can view idolatry as a primitive idea, like when the Hebrews worshipped the golden calf but when we examine it closely we see that it is so much more. It affects all of us. The Bible says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick, who can understand it Jeremiah 17:9. Idolatry is dangerous and destructive. When God created man he created us perfect with one main focus, to worship him. Because of the fall, sin entered the world, but we did not cease to worship. We take the worship that was intended for God and worship created things. This is idolatry. We must examine our hearts, be transparent and confess where our true idolatry lies.

1. How would you define idolatry?

  • Does your definition line up with what the bible says?

2. What do you run to when things get tough?

3. What specific idols are you struggling with this week?

Living in Egypt the Hebrews were salves and so they understood that the Egyptian gods were not for them but they could see them all around. They had not seen God, and Moses had not returned. They wanted a new god, a god they could see. They were looking to the golden calf to worship. As we see in Exodus 20:1-6 there is nothing equal to God and he will not have us worship anything but Him. There are four base idols we run to that feed our false worship, Comfort, acceptance, power, and control. When we are consumed with these, we use people and things to fuel our own desires. We look to the false hope they offer rather than the hope we have in Jesus. Israel's base idol was comfort and through these circumstances it was revealed. We need to live by faith and not by sight. We so often look to put something in Gods place, something we can see. We need to take idolatry seriously and not deal with it on a surface level. We must put our lives in the hands of God and whatever he has for us. We find our hope in the Gospel Ephesians 2:4-5. God can and will level the idols in our lives. It may be painful but in the end it will be for our greatest good and His ultimate glory.

1. Of the 4 base idols which one do you tend to lean towards?

  • What is the real root of your idolatry?

2. What is it that your heart honestly wants?

  • Is this what God would have for you?

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