The Vision

We as God's people want to be "points of light" to the city around us, gathering together in community to live transparent, transformed lives by the power of the Gospel, allowing us to grow, replicate, and participate in God's mission for Blaze Christian Fellowship!
Because we were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-28), we were made to exist in community like Him. We were designed to function with each other and with God (Acts 2:41–47).

What are Points of Light Small Group Bible Studies?

Points of Light Small Group Bible Studies are a driving force for God’s mission at Blaze Christian Fellowship. We want to see our city and surrounding communities transformed by the Gospel, and these groups are made up of people in close proximity to one another that serve their neighborhood or area of influence together. In these groups, we gather together as believers who live out our identities in our neighborhoods, homes, and everyday life. Similar to how we come together on Sunday as the gathered church, we see Blaze Christian Fellowship scattered as Points of Light Small Group Bible Studies providing another entrance to the church family at Blaze Christian Fellowship.